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Zuko ([personal profile] capthlock_rage) wrote2009-12-25 02:27 pm

Christmas Gifts


Aang - A very nice matching hat/scarf/mitten set, a book of adorable animal pictures, and a list detailing their new training regimen. and also a handmade coupon for one free Appa-grooming

Katara - Some blue snowflake hair ornaments, more Chicken Soup books than anyone could ever read, and a book on dating advice.

Sokka - A hotdog toaster, this hat, and this book.

Toph - A BUNCH OF AUDIOBOOKS 8D And also some new leather bracers.

Iroh - A pretty new tea set and fancy hand-embroidered tablecloths for every table in the tea shop. :)

Jet - Nice leather boots, fancy leather gloves, a bonsai tree, some candycanes, and That One Dagger which he will insist he is just returning to the Earth Kingdom. ;;b Also a badly-knitted red and green poofball hat that he will insist is from Jasmine.

Mai - Gets a set of nice ~new~ black fingerless gloves and some travel-sized daggers giftwrapped and left anonymously on her bed.

Yuta - A Nintendo DS with some puzzle games.

Chuck - A Kindle \o/

Mulan - A brand-new mens' outfit which is both comfortable and fashionable ;D

ZEX - A hand-knitted tentacle cozy and some books on dating, romance, and interpersonal relationships.

Brook - A tie.

Appa and Momo get honey-covered Zuko treats :)

And Dr. Venture's gift to camp is lowering the level of surplus orphans. :)

If I forgot you... uh, poke me, because I probably didn't mean to. \o/;; AND IF YOU WANT TO DO IC GIFT-GIVING LET ME KNOW because I am totally up for that.