capthlock_rage: (Burnt Earth policy for our garden.)
Zuko ([personal profile] capthlock_rage) wrote2010-08-02 08:19 pm
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[in a field lit by the rays of the sunset, beneath a rainbow, there is a signpost. The signs are attached haphazardly, and none are identical. Some are ornate, and some in shambles, but all of them point in different directions. If you look closer to read the words, you'll see not only places, but names, dates, intangible concepts... you name it, it's there.]

[at the foot of the signpost sits Prince Zuko, working intently on what appears to be an in-progress cross-stitch that reads: "HONOR, SWEET HONOR." A tiny raincloud hovers right above his head, drizzling on him. If you squint, it appears to have a face.]

((OOC: Because I missed the subconscious post, but still wanted to play. This is open to anyone!))

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