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[because it's been forever since the last one]
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[if you happen to drop by the Avacabin today, you may notice something different. Specifically, a heavily bandaged Zuko (complete with temporary eyepatch) slumped against the outside wall. He really did make it almost all the way to the door. What a trooper.]

((Open to anyone ♥ After these shenanigans. Never bite Azula, guys.))
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[in a field lit by the rays of the sunset, beneath a rainbow, there is a signpost. The signs are attached haphazardly, and none are identical. Some are ornate, and some in shambles, but all of them point in different directions. If you look closer to read the words, you'll see not only places, but names, dates, intangible concepts... you name it, it's there.]

[at the foot of the signpost sits Prince Zuko, working intently on what appears to be an in-progress cross-stitch that reads: "HONOR, SWEET HONOR." A tiny raincloud hovers right above his head, drizzling on him. If you squint, it appears to have a face.]

((OOC: Because I missed the subconscious post, but still wanted to play. This is open to anyone!))
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[So guess who didn't come back to the cabin last night after getting vored by a teenage girl! Well, he's trying to sneak in unnoticed now.]

[Let's see how that goes.]
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[It's such a lovely day for a quiet, thoughtful stroll through the woods~]
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[in a hospital bed, poking sullenly at a jello cup :/]

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[Zuko blinks slowly awake in his cabin, shaking off the haze of a dream. It was a good dream -- there were rainbows, and butterflies, and a world full of peace and happiness where everyone got along and loved each other very, very much.]

[But then he notices Azula, Toph, Jet, Sokka, and Katara snuggled peacefully next to him.]

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[tonight in the Avacabin, you're probably being disturbed by Zuko shooting straight up in bed with a scream]

((OOC: for fallout from this -- specifically the first thread))


Jul. 8th, 2009 01:04 am
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[insert swooning here]

((OOC: catchall post for further Mary Sue fever threads! Mm, delicious self-indulgence. POST IS OPEN TO ANYONE))
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[... skulking purposefully around the Fire Cabin]
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[and now, a continuation post for horrifying, horrifying Jet/Ty Lee lovegoo fallout]
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[if you happen to be in the vicinity of the Fire Cabin at the moment, you'll hear the sound of one failprince crying out in horror and falling off the bed.]

AAAAAAAAH-- *thud*

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[Somewhere in camp! Wherever you are at the moment! Zuko is sulking! Come bother him!]

((OOC: Because I fail at timeliness, this post is for purposes of all the post-Aang-leaving threads that should be happening. Open for as long as it needs to be.))
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